Artist: Sarah Connor
Run Time: 4:15
Sequenced by: -Nelson Rogers aka Ocean

This heart felt song is full of emotion feelings. And I have never met anyone who did not like the Eagles. I looked for this sequence for a long time. Once I realized that it did not exists, I decided to create it. It’s short & sweet and inexpensive. Perfect to place this graceful sequence between two fast sequences to show you have variety and style. For those who ever spent Christmas alone or missing your partner, It hits home. This is my favorite Christmas song . Here’s the deal, if you become a member of the Magic Pixelz MP Crew and purchase this sequence and I later upgrade it with more models and new effects, guess what? Yep I will send you the newer version free of charge. Why pay hundreds of dollars each year just to be a member of another sequence website and still have to pay for your sequences. If you have to pay an annual membership and all you get in return is a few discounts, why not Join the MP Crew for free and still get the discounts?

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