Shake Up Christmas

Artist: Train
Run Time: 5:10
FPS: 40
Sequenced by: -Nelson Rogers

Another fun sequence for your xlight show. It’s a long one at over 5 mins. This is probably not the version by “Train“ you are thinking of.  This is another custom sequence, yes it is the same song but with an added twist or perhaps we should say Shake added to it. This is another story telling sequence with a 1 min prelude promoting Christmas. Yep the wife got mad when she saw Santa mooning people in the mega-tree. That’s when I decided it was a keeper. Full of rich color & awesome effects.

This is another custom sound track. You will need to send me prove of purchase due to copyright law, then I will  provide you with the audio track. Don’t worry your message will be sent to my phone, i will instantly send you the sound file.

purchase music link: [Here]

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