Falling For Christmas


Ever seen a singing face rap? (aka)  Jingle Bell Rock with rapper @ 2:09

Artist: Lindsay Lohan
Run Time: 3:00
FPS: 40
Sequenced by: -Nelson Rogers aka Ocean

Ever seen a singing face rap? It’s hilarious! This sequence is based from the popular Netflix movie “Falling for Christmas”.
It incorporates one of the songs from the movie, in this case it’s Lindsay Lohan’s
new version of “Jingle Bell Rock”. This is paired with another sequence that actually promotes
each other, also from the same movie but the song is, “Everybody Loves Christmas”.
Sequencing a singing face to a rap break down was a challenge but we are happy with the results.
We do hope you enjoy the combination and buy them like you would shoes, Get the pair as you will save money on the packaged deal. You will need to purchase the music on Amazon HERE.  EZ import at a generous price.

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