This section of the site lists all types of events that are paid listing from sponsors. If you would like you event listed, or continue to have on going events in the future, you may purchase our annual event package that will guarantee your event details, promotions, pricing, donations ect. will continue to be listed on your own events page here at You will have the option to password protect your page complete with your event banners & logos.


About the Standard package:

You need to provide details about your event which cannot be listed on certain website sites, due to new government regulations, including pricing, donations, locations, rules, and more. With the standard package your event will be listed with the (legal) details your provide. Private parties, Social events, Meet & Greet ect.

It is perfect for those who just need an event listed which can be linked to from other sites. You may include all your event details including pricing, donations, direction and more. We will even provide a password to secure your event listing page which you may give to others that you decide you want to attend your event. This will protect your page from the public giving you full control over who can read the details of your event. Note: The Standard Event package is text only, no banners or photos

This is the lowest priced basic package we offer for only $9.95 donation for a 90 day listing.




About the Silver package:

This package you get everything in the Standard Package plus you may add your event’s Banner.

This is the mid tier package which include your (banner or one photo) we offer for only $14.95 for a 90 day listing.



About the Gold package:

This package is the bomb! You get everything that the Standard & Silver packages offer, plus unlimited text, banners, photos and video clips pertaining to your event and future events. I will even setup a password protected blog so you & your attendees can chat about your event, before during and after!

Yes you can have your own blog page for all your events.

This is the premium package we offer for only $19.95 for a year listing!


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