It’s a perfect Christmas

-Spread the magic everywhere!

Artist: Barbie
Run Time: 2:49
FPS: 40
Sequenced by: -Nelson Rogers

A little girl stopped in front of my house as I was doing an xlights test and hollered out WOW! I told her I would be adding music to the lights and that’s when she asked me if I had the Barbie song? I told her the lights were for Christmas. She said Barbie sings a Christmas song too. Bumfuzzled, I did a search and found…

Since 1959, Barbie has inspired girls to be anything from astronauts to zoologists. Along with influencing musicians around the world.

So being true to my word I created this sequence. So now this little girl is very happy dancing around in my driveway. Now it’s your turn to make the girls in your life happy dancers too! So add some holiday cheer with the music sequence for Barbie.

It comes with all the elements you see in the video, including singing faces. So go grab it and get a instant download now.

You will need to purchase the music on Amazon HERE.  EZ import at a generous price.

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